Services Offered

Hydrocarbon Consulting

  • Massachusetts compliant Dabs and Live Resin
    • Reliably pass the Massachusetts hydrocarbon residual solvent limit
    • High quality, high terpene products
  • Extraction equipment selection and set up
  • Lab design
  • Process development and SOP creation
  • CRC/filtration set up and education
  • Extraction optimization
  • Vape filling optimization and equipment selection

Distillation Consultation

  • Short Path design and set up
  • Distillation training
  • Equipment selection
  • Scaling
  • Operational training
  • Crude processing

General Lab Consulting

  • Lab design and layout services
  • Costing and throughput estimates
  • Equipment selection and scaling
  • Equipment set up and training
  • Process development, training, and SOP development
  • Tincture, capsule, and topical development
  • R&D support